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A lot has changed over the years in Dacron sails. Gone are the days when you got what you were given.

Our philosophy is that Dacron Sails get the same design attention and attention to detail as our laminate and membrane sails.

We have Dacron Sails that have been on commercial yachts in the tropics for well over 3 years and still maintain their shape and structural integrity.

The five types of Dacron below insure that you get the type most suited to your application.

Blue Water Cruise Dacron

Blue Water Cruise is specifically designed for maximum durability, withstanding extensive use in the challenging conditions of cruising applications. These materials are woven tightly with relatively balanced construction to make them stable without the use of heavy resin coatings. Their woven integrity and unique finishing has enabled these sails to last several seasons of extensive use in the Charter market.

High Performance Dacron

High Aspect Performance Dacron is very tightly woven using High Tenacity Yarn and features Strong Fill Dacron fibres for use in mainsails and high aspect headsails while Low Aspect is an all purpose balanced construction made from the same High tenacity yarns.

Premium Performance Dacron

Premium Performance Dacron(PPD) features material is woven on the most modern Power-Looms resulting in less sail-shape deformation and longest life, using the highest count of the finest yarns. These weaves feature more yarn intersections yielding better bias strength and durability. The result however is excellent control.

One Design Dacron

OD Dacron uses only material that is perfectly flat to precisely replicate Sailmakers patterns with careful laboratory testing at predetermined positions throughout. It is produced to standards well in excess of other sailcloth. Suitable for one design classes from Optimists to J24's, Dragons and Etchells. Sails come with ISAF Measurement.

Storm Orange Dacron

We have two weights of the heavy duty, Bright Orange cloth for Trysails and Storm Jibs, that complies with the safety requirement for high visibility Storm Sails.


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