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We make a variety of Symmetric and Asymmetric Spinnakers in a range of Materials.

Symmetric Spinnaker
Assymetrical Spinnaker

Below is a table of the most commonly used types of Spinnakers with their target apparent wind angles (AWA).


Target Wind speeds often dictate the requirement for sails of similar target apparent wind angles but constructed of materials of varying strengths or characteristics.

We are happy to work with you to ensure your requirements are met.

Furling Spinnakers, Gennaker and Code O sails are also available and we are happy to supply the required furlers and accessories.

For logos on spinnakers we have the options of laser cutting-in your logo or painting it on with

High Tenacity Nylon (HTN)

HTN Offshore Cruising Nylon is an Industry Leader and woven to meet exacting performance requirements and is suitable for most Crusing, Recreational and Club Racing applications.

High Tenacity Nylon (HTN) used exceeds yarn strength normally used for generic Cruising Nylon. A 5 mm ripstop is woven into the material and it is finished using the most up to date equipment and systems.

HTN 0.75 and 1.5 ounce is available in a range of bright modern colours: HTN Colours

AIRX Spinnaker Cloth

AIRX Spinnaker Cloth has set standards in spinnaker fabrics combining unprecedented strength, performance and quality by combining standard weight fabric with ground breaking performance.

These fabrics allow Grand Prix sailors to use lighter sails higher up the wind range and club racers to use lightweight sails that are far less likely to blow out or tear and cover a greater range of wind speeds.

Compared to similar weight products, all AIRX fabrics feature class leading strength and performance to provide spinnakers with lighter weight, better stability, greater strength or improved durability.


Features outstanding performance and strength; so much so that the rule book on generic 0.5oz spinnakers has almost been thrown away. AIRX-500 has been improved with a new ripstop construction, providing even higher tear and burst strength, despite being one of the lightest cloths available. Colour: White only


Exhibits performance and strength that shames many generic 0.75oz product; making it ideal for medium wind range spinnakers despite being classed as a generic 0.6oz. The fabric provides 0.5oz performance in reaching spinnakers and running sails capable of withstanding unprecedented wind strengths. Colour: Red, White and Blue.


Silicone is added to the finish of AIRX-600 resulting in the ultimate high slip spinnaker fabric. The Silicone maximizes water repellency and reduces surface friction, making for easier gybing of asymmetrics, hoists and drops from spinnaker bags and chutes. Colour: White only.


A Generic 0.75oz that sets new standards in a market that demands excellence in a variety of applications. From Grand Prix racers looking for ultimate performance to cruising sailors expecting outstanding durability, AIRX-700 delivers both in class leading quantities. Colours: Red, White and Blue.


A high performance 1.5oz spinnaker cloth designed to be used in composite constructions with AIRX-700 or for heavy reachers and runners on yachts over 45ft. AIRX-900 has already been confirmed by independent tests as the best product available in this weight range. Colour: White only.

airx colours

Code Zero Laminates (CZL)

As an ultra flat asymmetric spinnaker Code Zero sails are increasingly popular on the racing circuit. Code 0's and Gennakers are typically used at higher apparent wind angles and work particular well for fractional rigged yachts with non-overlapping jibs, where they can act as a large Genoa type sail to give extra horsepower when reaching.

Code Zero's for IRC boats have to be designed with Spinnaker Mid Width (SMW) greater than 75% of the foot length in order that they can be rated as a spinnaker.

For Offshore Cruising and Yachts not restricted by rating rules, the performance benefit of a Code Zero/Gennaker is designed with a smaller mid width which allows the sail to be used a little closer to the wind.

In many instances conventional spinnaker fabrics have insufficient stretch resistance to provide a stable foil shape so a Light, Medium and Heavy style for CZL laminate or MXL membrane are required.

Code Zero Laminates


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