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Laminate Sails

Our laminate sails are designed and constructed from a variety of laminates and methods; one of which will be ideal for your purpose, whether racing or cruising.

The stability of shape that these sails afford will please all who use them.

Custom Axis Laminate Sails

Custom Axis Laminate Sails are high quality, durable performance cruising sails. They are modern designs and hand crated to a high standard. The sails have a membrane design using cross-cut panels parallel to the foot. The load lines are computer analysed then primary and secondary load lines are determined. These load lines are specific to each sail design. Load line fibres are custom strung across the sail panel and fibre density is varied with load.
Laminates Diagram

Pentex or Vectran fibres are used in the sails. Pentex® has 2.5 times the stretch resistance of ordinary polyester. Vectran® exceeds Kevlar in stretch without the creep associated with Spectra. Both fibres have excellent flex resistance for required for cruising sails.

UV protection is addressed using an industry first,100% UV block film.The sails have woven Polyester Taffetta laminated to both sides with an antifungicide additive for mildew and mold protection.


Membrane Cruising Laminates - MCL

The MCL range of Taffeta-on-Taffeta Polyester laminates is suitable for cruising applications up to 45 feet using cross-cut construction.

MCL utilises two films, is laminated as a membrane and has tear strength and impact resistance. The Taffeta exterior cover is available as standard in white and in grey to special order.

The Taffeta cover is laminated with an Anti Fungicide for the prevention of mildew and mould growth that can occur with this type of Sailcloth.
Member Cruising Laminates

Radial Cruising Laminates (RCL)

RCL are Film-on-Film Polyester laminate and the only radial core cruising laminate on the market for traditional tri-radial constructed sails.

RCL cloth has a unique internal Taffeta core which provides a lighter alternative to MCL and suitable for use on cruiser/racer sailcloth for Yachts up to 45ft.

The cloth has a 'hi-tech' look with a subtle grey colour.

Radial Cruising Laminates (RCL)

Radial Pentex Laminates (RPL)

Radial Pentex Laminate (RPL) is a film on film laminate with Pentex warp fibres.

This laminate cloth is ideal for small keelboat and sport boats – applications that demand more strength than standard Polyester and one-design classes where high modulus fibres are not allowed and has proved successful on larger yachts.
Radial Pentex Laminates

Radial Aramid Laminate Sails (RAL)

Aramid Racing Laminate (RAL) is ideal for racing applications up to 55 feet.

Construction reduces the film loading and stabilises the bias. This combination provides the ultimate in low stretch, light weight and cost effectiveness.

The material is especially useful for # 2 and # 3 headsails as a cost effective alternative to a strung membrane Sail.
Radial Aramid Laminate Sails

Radial Dinghy Laminates (RDL)

A unique warp orientated polyester laminate designed to be used for a variety of one design and small keelboat applications.

The cloth is ideally suited for radial construction of sails for club and school fleets, our RDL cloth exhibits good durability as well as performance providing a rugged construction and a modern hi-tech appearance.
Radial Dinghy Laminates


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